How to Implement Syntax Highlighter on Blogger

Syntax highlighting is a strategy to improve the readability of code. 

1. Download SyntaxHighlighter
2. Create/Use a google pages account to upload the following files
* SyntaxHighlighter.css
* clipboard.swf
* shCore.js
* shBrushCss.js
* shBrushJava.js
* shBrushJScript.js
* shBrushSql.js
* shBrushXml.js
3. Inside of the tag, link to those files

Awesome code syntax highlighting made easy
So ive finally come across an awesome syntax highlighter that i think will work well for most any application and it works well on Blogger Hosting which is even better. It uses a flash swf to do a click to copy button and has support for a variety of languages as well as a bunch of themes..
How to install ? just copy and paste code below into your html editor ( layout ) after "]]>< /b:skin >"

and a little about how to use it... in your post

Insert ur text code here

When you want to post entry using this script you will be prompt about html error, just click Stop showing HTML errors for the body of this post, and publish your post

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